What is Rabo F&A Innovation Fund?

As part of Rabo Private Equity, Rabo F&A Innovation Fund invests seed and early growth capital in innovative companies across the Food & Agri (F&A) supply chains with a geographic focus on Western Europe and the USA.

As proactive investors, we are dedicated to fulfilling a supporting role and building value by leveraging Rabobank’s F&A network, knowledge and position for the benefit of the companies in which we invest.

Global F&A challenges.



Supply chain

The F&A system is under growing pressure due to demographic developments.
Population growth
9 billion people

Expected 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050.

2/3 of the population will move to cities

66% of the world population is expected to live in urban areas in 2050 compared to 54% today.

Changing diets
Rising demand for meat

Animal protein consumption is set to have doubled between 1999 and 2050.

Environmental challenges require us to produce more with fewer resources.
Arable Land
Loss of arable land

The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution over the past 40 years.

Water scarcity
Pressure on the water supply

Around 70% of the freshwater supply is used for irrigation.

Greenhouse emissions

Emissions from agriculture, forestry and fisheries have nearly doubled over the past fifty years and are expected to increase by an additional 30% by 2050.

Supply chain efficiencies are vital in producing more with less.
Waste management

One third of all the food produced across the global system is ultimately wasted.

Storage and transport
Pre-consumption waste

More than 40% of food is lost in the pre-consumption stage during harvest, drying, storage and transport.

Fruit and vegetable supply chain

Up to 50% of all fruit and vegetables are lost through wastage annually.

Our objectives

We seek to build a portfolio of winners in the F&A supply chains that can positively impact the sector in keeping with Rabobank’s Banking for Food Principles:

Company products and services that address structural needs in the F&A systems.
Large addressable market, scalable with ambitious growth prospects.
Considered and well thought out business model.
Companies and sectors in which Rabobank can provide tangible added value.
A view to supply chain scalability and margin potential.
A great entrepreneurial team.
A relevant competitive advantage, which can take different forms ranging from IP protection, proven science and brand loyalty to relationships and other differentiable factors.

Our investment strategy

€500k – €4m equity
investment per company

Active investors in building
company value

Invest in seed and
early growth stage


We invest across the entire F&A supply chain.

We invest in high potential and innovative F&A companies in keeping with Rabobank’s Banking for Food Principles:
Principle 1
availability of food

Principle 2
Improving access
to food

Principle 3
Promoting balanced,
health nutrition

Principle 4
Improving stability in
food chains

Geographic focus

We invest in Western Europe and the USA

We leverage the Rabo
F&A infrastructure globally
global focus
Present in over
30 countries

Sector teams
Dedicated food
and agri sector teams

More than 90 F&A
research experts globally

What can we do for your company?

The RFAIF is committed to leveraging Rabobank’s broad and international F&A network to help your business grow.

Our task is to optimally leverage Rabobank’s resources for the benefit of the companies in which we invest.

Facilitate growth
Leverage network
Platform Connect
Invest up to EUR 4 million per round and EUR 7.5 million in total per company.
Always in the form of co-investment with like-minded partners.
Pro-active involvement in the company.
Dedicated research teams with in-depth F&A knowledge that can be tapped into for the benefit the company.
In-house sector expertise that can be leveraged to drive strategy.
Ability to add value with respect to different aspects of the business.
A broad international F&A network across different sectors and contacts that can be utilised to benefit the company.
Relationships with most of the major F&A companies.
Ability to use Rabobank’s platform to sustain and grow your business.
Growing platform of F&A innovation initiatives sponsored and supported by Rabobank.
Deep relationships with key specialists in the F&A VC/PE field to help maximise the chances of success.

Our portfolio


The Rabo F&A Innovation Fund is part of Rabo Private Equity and is a fully captive investment fund.

Richard O`Gorman

Richard joined Rabo Private Equity in 2010 with focus on rolling out Rabobank’s food and agri venture capital and private equity activities internationally. He serves on several Investment Committees and Advisory Boards on behalf of Rabobank, and since 2016 is responsible for the Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund.
Richard was previously self-employed in retail and manufacturing. Prior to that he worked for the ANZ Bank structuring and trading interest rate derivatives.
Richard is ACCA qualified and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the National University of Ireland and a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Bristol.

Tom Ritchie
Associate Director

Tom started his career at Rabobank in 2011, and has significant experience in corporate finance, deal structuring and executing M&A transactions across food & agri. Tom has an applied understanding of agriculture having worked in livestock and arable farming, and previously founded and ran an ethical meat business. He is an advisor to a number of UK agribusinesses and is focused on impact investing, providing venture capital to disruptive food & agri start-ups. Tom has a first class Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics from Exeter University.

Daniëlla Vellinga
Senior Associate

Daniëlla joined Rabobank in 2015 as a Corporate Management Trainee. Before joining the Rabo F&A Innovation Fund, she was involved in creating and executing bespoke solutions for various corporate clients within the food & agri sector. Daniëlla has a long-standing involvement in innovation in the food & agri space, and co-founded an initiative to assist Kenyan dairy farmers leverage their own operational data to help them grow sustainably and to improve their access to finance. Daniëlla holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics & Business Economics from the University of Utrecht and a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

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